Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

I hate shopping. Yes, I do!
I hate shopping. How about you?
All that stuff puts me to sleep.
The prices usually make me weep.

The commercials promise love and peace,
Happy families at a feast.
Kids who are sweet, bosses who are fair
If you will only buy their wares.

Yes, the key to happiness is all those things:
Ipods, X Box, and diamond rings.
The more you spend, the more you love?
Madison Avenue, you need a shove.

If we buy their baloney, we must crazy
Or maybe we are just stupid and lazy.
Think about it, what is more sublime?
Buying a bauble or taking the time?

Taking your kids to church on Sunday
Can't be replaced with toys on Monday.
Do you think everyday family dinners
Can be exchanged for one day of fluff and glimmers?

Buying neat stuff and taking fancy trips
Those are not short cuts to family bliss.
Your selfishness your spouse and kids will see through
They know if YOU are the most important thing to you.

There are no outs, no easy way,
We create our family day by day.
We put our family first, we look at the divine
We choose what’s important, for that we make time.