Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Native American Blood Could Be a Myth

On Dad's side of the family, there is an abundance of  very dark eyed and dark haired people.  We have had various rumors from distant family connections that there is Native American blood in the family.  One picture of an ancester looks very Native American. Out of curiosity I had my cousin tested only to find the Robertsons are pure Celts.

Taking another stab in the dark, we tested my female cousin's DNA Line.  The mt DNA tests the mother's, mother's, mother's....  Well, this time we ended up in France (14.56%of the population belonging to the haplotype) and Austria (12.6%), with Italy coming in third (10.6%) .  Check out Maine et Loire - Maine-Anjou (14.56%), France - Herault - Languedoc, France (14.13%).   I thought this line was German and Dutch. Curioser and Curioser.

As for French blood,  my Dad always said we have French in the family.  I have never run into it yet in any of my genealogical research. And I'm not so sure I want to be French. Not a nation I admire. Sorry.  If an ancestor was French, at least she had sense enough to get out of there at least by the 1700s.

The mystery still exists.  It remains only to check out a male with the Brodock surname.  Unforunately there are none living left in our immediate branch of the family. Even checking out a Brodock might not work out if a Brodock married a Native American woman.  The YDNA finds out the father's, father's father...  In this test, it would miss any women with Native American blood.  We would have to find a female descendent whose mother was a Brodock to find an NA woman in the mix.  Did I mention I am getting a headache? 

Anybody have any more ideas?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On Returning the House to Normal after Christmas

On the second day of the new year, I took down the Christmas tree, and found nerf bullets in its branches: three. 
On the third day of the new year, I vacuumed out the couch and found four nerf bullets in the pouch
On the fourth day of the new year, I began the wash; in which was five nerf bullets. O my gosh.
On the fifth day of the new year, I cleaned the heater fins, and found two nerf bullets deep within.
On the sixth day of the new year, the corners I did mop, and still the nerf bullets did not stop.
On the seventh day of the new year, I cleaned the ceiling fan, and there was more nerf ammo for the can.
This Christmas was fun and the grandkids were a scream, and of all these nerf bullets did they dream.
I thought they had fun with the skates and sleds and dolls, but they loved the nerf bullets most of all.

Next year, oh next year, I have thought about it lots:  I am banning nerf bullets to the shop.