Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guided Fishing Trip

I was going to tell you about our two floats on the Blackfoot river last weekend (eat your heart out), but I forgot my camera. A post is so much more fun with pictures. Instead this post is about my guided fishing trip. This trip was a birthday present from Wilbur, so it was originally supposed to be on my birthday. But since it snowed on my birthday, we rescheduled to July 14. Thank heaven! My friend Eloise came since Wilbur had to work. I got the idea he didn't want to come anyway.

Wilbur contracted with really nice man from church who is a professional guide and outfitter. I was pessimistic about catching anything because I usually don't. Well, Eloise and I caught at least 6 or so fish each. While we didn't get to keep the fish (code of the guides, I guess), we did get to keep the pictures we took of them. Most of the fish we caught were 17 inches long. I caught two 20 inchers. This was so cool. I learned so much: how to land a fish, improve my casting, feel when I have a bite, and "mend" the line. I also learned I have a tendency to daydream and miss that I have bite which would account for me not catching anything. I had a completely wonderful time.

The first fish I caught.
Eloise caught the first fish of the day.

This was a 22 incher I caught. I didn't like to only have a picture of a fish, so my compadres are in the picture.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Fourth

We came down from the mountains and crossed the prairie to visit Eglantine, Boris, and Peanut for the fourth of July.

Grandpa and peanut found a game they both loved to play.
Eglantine, Hermione, and Peanut all love music. Eglantine has a beautiful piano we had not seen yet.

Boris had to work, so we only were able to see him for an hour. We were glad to see him, though. When it came time to go, some old lady that hung around with us on the fourth accidentally locked the truck where Wilbur habitually keeps his keys. Fortunately, Wilbur has Onstar. After climbing through the phone tree, remembering his password, divulging his truck color, and promising never to run over a gopher in the road on purpose or litter, Wilbur persuaded Onstar to unlock our truck for us. Thanks goodness we have that service!
We got home around 9:30 just before people starting setting off fireworks. I was worried Max would react badly to the fireworks by hitching a ride down the interstate with strangers. He did that last year. Fortunately, one of our new neighbors decided to emulate us by having a campfire outside. Also fortunately, they like Max and allowed him to hang out with them until we got home. We arrived just in time for the professional fireworks display and for our neighbors' who must have sent a wad up in smoke. Hope your fourth was happy too!