Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Trips

Over the past month, we had two outings. First, we camped near Tenderfoot Creek not too far from the Smith River. My great grandfather and grandfather had a place on the Smith River. While looking on the map, we saw a spring named Robertson Springs and wondered....
View of Eagle Park

Next we went into the Wise River Country in the West Pioneers. There were so many hiking trails and so much to do. We dug for crystals at crystal mountain. There was a ghost town to visit and two different hot springs. It was impossible to do everything. Because there is so much to do, there were a lot of people in the area. However, the only people Sheryl and I saw on the hike we took were firefighters. Someone had left a campfire burning at Bobcat Lake and a crew went into fight the fire. I'm pretty sure the reason we saw so few people is that the hike was a grunt. We gained almost 2000 feet in elevation and then went down. Then the trail took a sharp uphill. We didn't go in all the way because I was worried we would be too spent to make it back out.

The destination

The hiking partners

The trail was rocky.

The firefighters. The guy with the mustache is the boss. They run the crew with military discipline. And I noticed that the girls can't keep up with the guys for all of the women's lib proposition that women and men can always have the same jobs.

My Entertainment Committee

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fun At Glacier

Glacier was awfully fun. A three mile hike can seem long when you are three years old.