Sunday, August 05, 2007

More progress

The latest progress on Garage-mahal.

Tips for living with a brick layer

If you don't want key items that belong to you house to end up on the job site here are a few tips:

1) Buy only pink Nalgene bottles. This only works if the situation is not too desparate. I discovered him coming home with a pink Nalgene bottle with a flower on it last week after I reclaimed all my other Nalgene bottles and put them back in my hiding spot.

2) Stow all the your yard hoses, shoeverls, and rakes under lock and key.

3) Keep your measuring tapes in your sewing room. He probably won't think to look there.

4) When spring comes, he will have absconded with all your hoses, rakes, and shovels, even though you locked them up. Plan on buying new ones.