Sunday, June 28, 2009

She Speaks Dog

One of the delights of our having our visiting foreigners was getting to know Flash and Prudence's daughter Sparkle at age 6. I would have posted a better picture, but Sparkle has decided she doesn't want her picture taken. This was the best picture I get get without her knowledge and with the use of a zoom lens.
Sparkle loves our chocolate lab Max. Max must realize she is a sympathetic spirit because he confides in her. We would hear the things Max was saying often during the day:
Max is sad because we are leaving
Max says he wants in
Max says he likes sleeping in a tent
Max would like a hot dog
After listening to Sparkle, I realized that I am ignorant of a lot of aspects of Max's life. For instance, I know nothing about Max's spiritual life when Sparkle asked, "Does Max fast?"
It dawned on me that Max has never indicated one way or another about his artistic preferences when sparkle wanted to know, "What is Max's favorite color?"
And I saw that I have been pretty cavalier about remembering special occasions when Sparkle asked, "When is Max's birthday?"
Although she loves Max, Sparkle disapproved strongly of his eating habits when she found out he doesn't like vegetables. I loved getting to know Sparkle at age 6 and Max is suffering AWS (attention withdrawal syndrome from LOTS of attention).

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It is a great blessing to visit with our foreign family. The only thing that could be better is if the Texans and Boris were here. However, I am glad the Texans put their baby first and stayed home to take good care of her.

We were rained out camping, so we cooked our hotdogs in the fireplace at home.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We saw this headstone near an old cow camp.

Looking into the Madison Range

Ruby Reservoir

This week we went to Ruby Reservoir. The fishing was lousy, but the four wheeling and flowers in the mountains were wonderful. The Ruby Valley is really, really green. Although I am getting an idea about the Ruby Valley and Ruby Range. Since we have been four wheeling, we have seen two rattlesnakes - both times near Sheridan. On Friday was saw a four foot rattler in the road. Fortunately, we were in the truck. We stopped while it rattled at us and disappeared toward the creek. I wish I could have zipped out my camera out fast enough to get a picture.
We enjoyed visiting with Jose and Sophia and then zipped home for a restful Sabbath. While our trip was fun, it sure doesn't approach all the cute kid stories my kids have to tell. Pretty soon you will have time to camp on the weekends , but no cute stories. ENJOY!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wet & Wild

This weekend Eglantine, Eglantine's friend, Ariel, and Hermione ran the 5 K in a local race. June 6 arrived with rain that eventually turned to snow, for the coldest Governor's Cup ever. I baby-sat Peanut because I was afraid he would freeze sitting for a long time in his stroller. It was 36 degrees and he wouldn't be warm from exercise like the runners. Poor Peanut he had a few hard moments being away from his Mom and Dad. I found out he likes Sponge Bob. I also found out Sponge Bob is kind of a crude cartoon. I wonder why producers of children's shows want to have their characters talk about boogers etc.? This teaches children great social behavior, I suppose?

After the race, we ate at the Real Food Store and took Ariel to the Pan Handler. Next time she comes, we will go to some of the other stores.

Today arrived kind of cloudy and wet, so our new neighbor took this opportunity to burn some of the trees he knocked down to build his house.