Sunday, April 26, 2009


We ventured out camping this weekend and immediately encountered drama on the highway. On our way up over a pass on the way to our camping spot we immediately ran into semi wreck. Jose was one of the first people on the scene. He was directing traffic. Sophia was decked out in her volunteer fire department gear as she hauled a hose up a hill. A semi, traveling at a too high a speed on a curve, tipped over on its side and slid down the guard rail for a few hundred feet down the high way. The driver was killed. This was a sad, sad event.

We waited for Jose and Sophia to complete their civic duties and proceeded to our camp site. Then Wilbur and Jose built a very large fire and reminisced about Flash's fire building proclivities.

I am still dealing with fluid in my ears, crackling ear drums, and trying to get over the infamous bug. While I was camping, I got markedly better - at least until I went four wheeling. Wilbur said we would return to camp at noon, so I planned to four wheel a half a day and take it easy in the afternoon. About 11:30 he and Jose changed plans. We ended up going 40 miles, up hill and down. Ear plug, ear pop.

Since I was better during camping the first day, I am wondering if I am allergic to Barak's hair? I reluctantly asked Eglantine and Boris to board him with a friend until they have ther own place. I feel very badly about this since Barak is such a kind, nice dog, did nothing wrong, and he was used to us. I am grasping at straws for the cause of my ear fluid, trying to get better, and don't know what else to do. I don't know if I will ever get on another airplane. Seeing what flying in a pressurized plane did to my ears, I can't imagine how Flash ever flew in an unpressurized plane with a cold. I completely understand how he ended up with a ruptured eardrum. Next week will be better!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Little Known Facts

Cub Scouts are actually artists in disguise.

The main reason for pruning apple trees is to supply dogs with "tug o' war" sticks. Shootingstars hide under the snow. If you look closely at the ground when the snow melts, they are on the ground grinning at you. Their message is, "Don't lose hope. Spring will come!"

Dogs are avid gardeners.