Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Open House

We contracted with a cleaning service from the far North to assist with preparing the house with the event. Summer is the service's off season.
The two VIPs arrived accompanied by their own paparazzi.

A famous floral designer from a secluded bay in Canyon Ferry created the table decorations.

A number of very distinguished guests graced us with their company.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Remember Stacy

Here are a few things I remember about Stacy:

  • She HATED to go to sleep. Remember how she fell asleep eating ice cream at Michelle's reception?

  • She wasn't even completely delivered when I saw her looking around the room.

  • She called her plastic swimming pool a pond.

  • She smiled at me when only about two days old. She had kept her parents up all night. We gave her a bath and a drop of formula. Her mother went to bed. And while I was holding her before she drifted off, she started moving her mouth. Surely, I thought, she can't be trying to smile! Then, she gave me the biggest grin you ever saw.

  • When she was five: if it wasn't pink, forget about her wearing it.

  • It never ocurred to her that someone didn't like her and that she wasn't "A" O.K.

  • When she was about three months old, she rolled everywhere. She LOVED paper and tryied to stuff it in her mouth whenever she could.
  • She used to call for me, "Grrrrrrrrandma!"