Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unusual happenings on the home front:

1) I left my good camera out on the lawn in two down-pours. My blog will probably have a lot fewer pictures. Sniff.

2) For a couple of weeks Wilbur has been having weird email problems. All signs pointed to someone hacking into his email account.

Last night he received four emails from a business. A phone number was included. Wilbur phoned the number, asked them why they were messing up his email and left his cell number while I came unglued. I was certain it was a scam.The phone number was on the level. The business called back.

Turns out someone of the same name reactivated their google account from a few years ago. The same number of years ago that Wilbur had similar problems with his email account. Not only, did the person have the same name, but they could answer the security question because their dog has the same name. The owner of the business is going to have a talk with Google about how Google could have let this happen. I'm interested to hear their explanation.If you have emailed Wilbur and got no response, his email partner probably deleted you email as spam.

3) For a few weeks a good sized buck with a nice set of antlers has been hanging around. The buck has been heartily enjoying the abundant yellow clover and alfalfa from the June rains. Unfortunately, he is not very afraid of people anymore. A big buck with big antlers is something to be afraid of, if you have any sense. Brody, the neighbor's dog, found this out first hand when he decided to chase the buck last week. Brody ended up ducking under a fence as he ran for his life with the buck in hot pursuit.

Today, while I was biking down the road an older man in shorts and with a tourist print shirt came down the road. He informed me that there was a 16 point buck in the field. Obviously, the guy is not from around here. I managed to preserve my gravity as I heard about the "16 pointer," looked to the west and, sure enough, there was the neighborhood buck enjoying the yellow clover and alfalfa behind Delight's old house. The guy told me how the buck let him get really close so he could take a good picture of the buck. As if the buck not running away was a good thing. Then I REALLY knew the guy isn't from around here. I am glad that he didn't get tromped and gored by our neighborhood "16 pointer." And I hope he's satisfied with his pictures because I haven't recertified in first aid for a very long time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


A few weeks ago, someone told me of a church leader who had laid down the law to women in the area where he presides. He told the women that they were always to wear nylons to church and could not wear flip flops or sandals. Now, I am not a fan of bare legs at church, but if the temperature is over 95 degrees, I’ve been known to abandon nylons. I think flip flops at church are tacky, but not any tackier than the deacons wearing tennis shoes and white socks with their dress pants. What amuses me more than church apparel is the idea that someone would lay down a dress code based on his personal opinion. I thought everyone knew that a decree of this nature is all that is needed to inspire every teenage girl in earshot to purchase new flip flops and send her nylons through the shredder.

In addition to teenagers, there are always a few oldsters like me that are in search of extra entertainment. What could be more entertaining than a leader that would send you, at age 56, home to change your clothes? And what could be more convenient than a nice afternoon nap and an excuse to take one? Changing clothes is so exhausting.

As far as nylons go, anyone demanding nylons be required apparel should be required to wear them for eight hours a day for five days in a row. The nylon promoter should also be required to wash them, not mention running out to purchase a new pair when runs appear. Any men taking this challenge will have a measure of credibility with me concerning nylons.

Even in a fit of contrariness, I probably wouldn’t wear flip flops because they hurt my toes and couldn’t accommodate my orthotics. Still, I think a big orange flower pinned to the top of each of my rubber Keen sandals might be cute. I wouldn’t be averse to abandoning nylons and wearing this unique foot wear with my blue suit if I got to watch someone throw a tantrum over it. Decrees are tricky things. I’ve noticed those at the top are mighty careful about issuing them. They are an example to us all.

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Ruminations from Sparkle:
"Why doesn't Max give us hugs like he does you?"
"The thing I like best about my Dad is that he is good with kids."
"Let's go for a walk and look at all the beautiful things."

Observation from Twinkle as she saw the dog's wet foot print imprinted on the paving brick:
"Look! Pawnography!" And I have no idea where she got that from. I can only tell you it was NOT me or Wilbur.


June Camping

We went fishing, four wheeling and played in the fire. We learned that chocolate marshmallows and HORRIBLE, but they provide great entertainment when they burn. We saw a moose, sunk knee deep in the mud, and wrote on stumps with charcoal pencils. They didn't want to come home, so I guess they had fun.