Sunday, September 16, 2007

Observations from Prudence and Eglantine

This week daughters Prudence and Eglantine made the same observation : So if you label someone a fault-finder, what are you? Pretty good point if you ask me.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wiring Party

Yesterday Wilbur had a wiring party. Five friends came to run wire. Soon Garage-mahal will be on the grid. Men can sure get a lot done when they set their mind to it.

I Can Breath

The forest fire smoke is abating, and I can breath again. When the smoke first cleared out after weeks of haze, I could see the mountains again. I had forgotten how beautiful they were.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fifty Things About Me

In following the Silly Witch and Missy Kissy's example I decided to write about fifty things about me. If nothing else, it will be good reading for those needing a good snooze.

1) I love being outside. I always have. When I was a kid, I couldn't stand being in the house too long and would go off on a hike, a walk, or a bike ride. I wasn't meant to be a house plant. A few hours inside gives me cabin fever.

2) My Montana roots go back to 1864 when my grandfather's grandfather and father came to Montana looking for gold.

3) Wilbur says I don't just think I'm right, I KNOW I'm right.

4) I KNOW I have excellent taste in men (even though my man makes snide, albeit true, remarks from time to time). In spite of my early personal struggles with self esteem, I never would have married a loser.

5) I love tomatoes. I grow lots and lots of them in my garden.

6) My favorite activities are hiking, biking, tole painting, quilting, four wheeling, and reading.

7) After a 48 year hiatus, I'm getting back into fishing. I didn't think I liked it, but I caught two fish on a backpack trip in July. Fishing is fun when you catch fish.

8) I don't like messy houses, especially if its mine.

9) I have five off-the-charts talented children. Go figure.

10) I'm never bored. There are so many things I like to do, I never have time to do it all.

11) I HATE people droning on and on and saying nothing in a talk. Men are the worst offenders. I'm a firm believer in the three "B's." Be prepared, Be brief, and Be seated.

12) I like reading the encyclopedia sometimes.

13) I have claustrophobia.

14) I am totally disinterested in anything any celebrity has to say about politics or anything else. Maybe (and I mean maybe) they know how to act, sing, dance, or whatever, but that doesn't mean their opinion is any better than yours or mine when it comes to what is best for the country. I can't imagine being influenced to vote way or another because of a celebrity endorsement. I can't imagine buying anything because a celebrity endorsed it.

15) I don't even know, or care, who most of the celebrities are. I don't believe they or anyone should be idolized on account of fame. Big deal. A lot of reprehensible people have been famous.

16) I love finding wildflowers and learning all about them. I'd like watching wildlife too, if it would hold still.

17) I love peacock blue, lime green, and burgundy, not necessarily together, though.

18) I like to be around the people I REALLY like. I object strenuously to being told I have to socialize with certain people because our kids are on the same sports team or we work at the same place. What does our kids being on the same team have to do with being a friend? Isn't seeing you at one or two games a week enough socializing?

19) I Like dogs. I would really likes cats if I weren't allergic to them. Dogs and cats really like me.

20) My favorite household chore is hanging clothes on the line.

21) I love all my little grandchildren. They are such individuals. I am fascinated when they start to talk and I can hear their perspectives on things.

22) If you want to tell me about all the stuff you have, don't waste your breath. The fact that you own a lot of stuff won't impress me, and hearing about it will certainly bore me. I am uncomfortable if you want to know about all my stuff. That would seem odd to me.

23) I love Harry Potter.

24) Hiking through a forest and getting a waft of a sweet scent of pine is really living to me.

25) Now that Montana has been "discovered" and all the high rollers and others are moving here, I am starting to understand how the Indians felt as a totally different culture moved in on them and took over.

26) Don't try and tell me what to do unless I ask.

27) My heart still aches for my little granddaughter who died at age five of a brain tumor. I suppose it won't quit aching until I see her again.

28) Don't call me "dear," "honey," or "sweetie" if you are not my husband. I dislike insincere people. Don't tell me I'm the "sweetest thing" if I am just doing my job. It'll make me gag.

29) I am awed by thunderstorms.

30) I love Mexican, Chinese, and Italian food. I like to try new foods. I don't like Polynesian food.

31) When I was seven the best thing I could think of to be was a movie star.

32) My father served in WWII in the army air corps. He was an incredibly bright man. He got top scores on tests that allowed him to advance in the post office. Even though he wore glasses and was assigned to work with the first primitive computers during the war, he was the top shot in his unit. Until he turned 75, he could remember the exact date of anything. He loved ordering books and reading about wildlife., archeology, or anything. If he said he would do something, count on it.

33) My mother was a creative genius. She loved music, to problem solve, had a great vocabulary, and created beautiful clothes with fabrics that had interesting textures and colors. She could have been a fashion designer. She was often ahead of her time. Things she told us that people would some day find out about medicine and health proved to be true. She was a child during the great depression and suffered a great deal. She was a perfectionist about any job she did. If she said she would do something, count on it. She could get a point across without any doubt when she was trying to teach and train her children.

24) My Aunt Marian put Tabasco sauce on my tongue for saying the "S" word when I was four. I totally deserved it.

25) I have a brother, now deceased, who was a genius according to the I.Q. tests, a sister who is smart, creates beautiful pottery and anything beautiful, keeps a showcase yard, and is a nonconformist. I have another very creative sister who is very smart, can pinch a penny until it squeals, loves handwork, traveling, and researching. She should have been a doctor, except for her kids are too important to her to be leaving them all the time. Both my sisters are problem solvers who can do anything. No one has ever done my sisters' thinking for them.

26) From about 12 to 16, I used to write stories, but I never finished even one.

27) My favorite teacher was Mrs. Meyers in High School. I had her for two different English classes. She taught me how to write. Knowing that made college so much easier.

28) I got in trouble for talking in class when I went back to college when I was 43.

29) I am wary of church people in authority until I know them.

30) I can function much better in any work type situation if I believe the people I work with love and accept me.

31) For most of my life I lived in a household where the majority was female. When my twins went to college and I was in the minority with a son and husband, I felt really lonely sometimes. There was no to go shopping with on Saturdays anymore and no one to go with to the Festival of the Trees or crafts shows.

32) I think anyone who doesn't try to live at least the Ten Commandments is destined to be unhappy.

33) My husband is my favorite subject for my blog. I adore him.

35) I think the all attorneys I work with but one are very nice, fun people, but that doesn't mean I want to spend time outside of work with them.

36) I have a dear friend named Gail. She loves me no matter what, even though she doesn't always understand why I feel the way I do. Our friendship was cemented when we got off trail cross country skiing and had to be picked up by the search and rescue at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

37) I can never cook without getting food all over me. Aprons are a must.

38) As a little girl, my family called me Becky-Lindo, Daddy's girl.

39 ) My Dad and I used to race when he would bring the trash cans away from the curb. I was devastated when my big brother informed my Dad was letting me win. Maybe the practice helped though because I ran a 6.6 second fifty yard dash when I was thirteen.

40) I took second at state track meet in high jump as a senior. I've always loved participating in any sport I could: ice skating, sprinting, tennis, flag football, volleyball. I hated playing basketball and distance running though.

41) I've never liked to babysit.

42) When I was 26 I realized I wasn't stupid when I won Trivial Pursuit a couple of different times.

43) I don't like waiting for people. People who keep me waiting for no good reason are showing disrespect for my time.

44) I like playing Clue, but I hardly ever win.

45) If the meeting doesn't end on time, I will probably leave anyway. I don't get why things can't end on time.

46) One of my children could easily be a nutritionist, doctor, researcher. One could easily be a concert pianist, artist, wedding planner, or CEO. One could easily be a writer, college professor, archaeologist, or artist. One could easily be a graphic designer, photographer, recreation director, or elementary school teacher. And one could easily be an engineer, concert musician, professional athlete, or philanthropist. My married kids stay home and take care of their kids. I am so proud of them. There is no more important work.

47) Sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of day.

48) My husband can figure out a way to do anything.

49) I don't really like to sew clothing for myself, but I do it because I think the stuff in the stores is ugly.

50) I know my church teaches the most complete truth you can get on this planet. But I am just not a General R.S. Presidency wanna be. They are all fine women, but I am not that sweet. I also need a good laugh now and then.