Sunday, July 27, 2008


So Pippi wanted to go fishing. First we procured a fishing pole just her size from the local sporting goods store. There were four different kinds of kids poles: Spiderman, Superman, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Barbie. Only one choice for girls, but three choices for boys? Is this discrimination? Anyway, the Barbie pole was a clear winner.

We drove across town to a small old gravel pit that filled with water. It is now a nice park and is stocked with fish. After fishing at three or four places, we found a place where we could SEE the fish. We could see them looking at our bait. We could see them considering our bait. We could see them deciding not to take our bait. Sometimes I wonder if the scent of my laundry detergent repels fish or of it's personal.

Fortunately, I wore my old, lousy hiking shoes because I spent quite a bit of time wading in the water extricating Pippi's hook from submerged logs and twigs in the water. And I baited Pippi's hook . Before I knew it, she decided to bait her own hook. I found we have similar feelings about causing worms pain. Next time I am checking into another kind of bait. Pippi figured out how to cast in no time and has some amazingly far casts into the little lake. We saw big fish, little fish, medium sized fish, and a turtle. I wish Wilbur could have come because he always catches fish. All I can do is my best. It was fun watching them anyway.

After almost three hours, our expedition ended when Pippi fell in the lake. This she did not appreciate. All in all, it was a fun trip!