Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great Talk

We had stake conference this weekend. Several talks were really important for me to hear. But I want to tell you about the talk a member of the stake presidency gave about pride, how prideful we are sometimes because we are members of the church. We sometimes think we have all the answers and are not humble. We sometimes discount the way other people of other religions worship because we are a little smug or even arrogant. I loved his emphasis on knowing that other people in other religions have qualities we each would do well to emulate.

This concept was brought home to me as I grew up. I remember growing up and hearing school-mates talk about weekends at their family's cabin at the lake, holiday celebrations, and fun traditions they had with their family. I felt like I shouldn't envy them because I had the gospel. But I did envy them. My family of origin was troubled, gospel or not. I would have loved to have had the experiences with my family that they had in theirs. I have nothing but admiration for a co-worker at FWP. She was a devout Catholic and all around admirable person. I loved hearing how she celebrates Lent and other holidays and how close she is to her brothers, sisters, and parents. I liked hearing her stories about how long ago her Dad and his friends had the assignment to ring the bells at the Cathedral when the person who usually did it was on vacation. And when the anti-Mormon movie The Godmakers came to town, who was one of the first people to speak out against knocking the Mormons in this way? One of the Catholic priests in a letter to the editor.

I have often wondered why I am not better than my Baptist neighbor since I have a fullness of the gospel while she doesn't. She never says anything negative about anyone and is not contentious, while I....... Well, I'd rather not get into it. It would take WAY too long and I'd never get through a catalogue list of my faults, even if knew all of them. Below is one of the stories the speaker read to us. It was very powerful to me as he read and not so powerful for me when I read it for myself. Still, I wanted to share:

Wish list

Because I have mentioned once or twice or 20 times that Wilbur never gives me a clue about what he would like for his birthday, Father's Day, Christmas etc., he was giving me gift ideas a couple of days ago. Here they are:

1) A suit like Iron Man's
2) A plane like Iron Man's
3) A Leer Jet in lieu of a plane like Iron Man's

And I have said once or twice or 20 times that anything the man really wants, I can't afford to get him.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mining Claim

Yesterday Dad and I went four wheeling to the mining claim where Grandpa R spent a lot of his childhood. We found the site of the house, barn, and garden. We also saw part of the entrance to the old drift mine my Dad referred to on the tape he made. We found a few "artifacts" like an old coffee can with holes cut into the bottom, tin, and parts of old logs where the barn had been. We should go on a picnic out there this summer. Wilbur could bring his metal detector and we could see if we could find anything else. Interestingly, some guys who were panning for gold also drove by while we were out there. I guess they must think there is still some gold. My grandfather found some, but over all my Dad's family was dirt poor.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Time with Prudence's Family

Jumping rope with your grandma has one big advantage: She turns the rope all the time and doesn't have to have a turn jumping.

The party.
Playing with a natural boat at the park.

Hugging a big tree after seeing the "witches."

Speedy with his parachuting guy and cuddles staying warm.