Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Mom the Cleric

Just before Dad returned from the World War II Pacific Theater, Mom moved to town and found employment as a nurse.  At that time, there were two hospitals in town.  St. Peter's Hospital was the older hospital, and St. John's Hospital was the newer one.  Looking back on it, I realize they were both located within spitting distance of each other and the downtown area.

Both hospitals were Catholic.  I remember going in the main entrance of St. John's and seeing Catholic icons in special display places built into recesses in the walls.  Not long ago, I went to an older home in Helena and noticed a similar display place built into the wall of the home.  It's current owners were extremely puzzled about the purpose of the recessed space in the wall.  The space didn't quite work for a telephone.

Probably because Mom found employment at St. John's Hospital,  my siblings and I were born there.

Mom worked as a nurse at the St. John's maternity ward.  One of her duties was baptizing babies.  The nun supervising the newborn nursery instructed her to baptize the newborn babies.  I was thunderstruck when she told me about this. It seemed out of character with my Mom.  She was not one to do something she didn't believe in.

 "Did you do that?!" I asked.  "Yes, I did,"  She replied.  "It didn't hurt one thing for me to do that, and it made the nuns feel better.  They thought they were saving babies from Hell."

So in the 1940's at St. John's Hospital we had an inactive Mormon woman from Utah performing Catholic baptisms for babies at the hospital.  Life does has some humorous twists and turns.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ranch on the Smith

This is a picture of my great grandfather's ranch on the Smith river.  My grandfather and his brother were out scouting around and found this place.  They were under age, so they persuaded my great grandfather to file a homestead.  This ranch isn't far from my grandmother's parents' ranch.  This close proximity must be how my grandmother and grandfather met.

I think it stayed in the family until my grandfather died in 1964.  The family didn't want to pay the taxes, so they sold it.  I think it was sold to my grandmother's sister in laws' brother, but I'm not positive about this.  The brother had a ranch in the same area.  Wish we still had the place on the Smith.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

If I Could Live My Life Over

If I could live my life over, I would love people more and criticize them less, if ever.
I would understand that no one is perfect and everyone will let you down sometimes.  I would remember that in spite of my efforts, I let people down too.
I would realize that frustration with others doesn’t change anything, and the there is small likelihood of anyone changing in response to my direction or words.  I would see that people walk their own paths and I may not comprehend their situation, even if think I do.
I would be more loving with my own family and less impatient with them and others.
I would take time to play with my children.
I would give more hugs and laugh more.

If I could live my life over, I would worry much less and have faith much more.
I would not worry about having the approval of other people and concentrate on having God’s approval.
Once a day I would look in the mirror and say to myself, “I am doing the best I can.”  Then I would climb a hill and yell into the wind this message to my imagined critics, “I really don’t give a damn what you think.”
I would forgive myself and others more.  I wouldn't distract myself from feeling bad about myself by dwelling on others’ flaws. I would quickly let go of others’ behavior that I perceive as inappropriate and put that energy into living my own life well.

 If could live my life over, I would remember more often to look for the humor in situations.
I would not compare myself with others and realize everyone looks good at church. 
I would keep in mind that this is earth life and it’s is normal for people, places, and things not to be ideal.  And I wouldn’t be mad about it.
I would remind myself that things will blow over when I made mistakes, and that everyone makes them. 
I would look at the bigger picture when trials came my way and have a sense of excitement about the great things in store for me, just around the corner.
I would remember to look forward, not back.  This day is the first day of the rest of my life.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Visit to Hermione

Looking into the Beartooths from the rim trail

 Hiking Partner Hermione

Where the Phipps trail begins.  Pretty nice of the Phipps Ranch to donate 320 acres for the trail.

This Friday I buzzed down to Billings to visit Hermione.  The snow deserted us so we weren't able to cross country ski.  But I had a great time discovering new trails on some rim rocks on the outside of town.  Since we weren't sure of the trails, what was supposed to be a three mile hike turned into a 5 1/2  mile hike.   Fresh air, breath taking views, good company, what more could I want?

After lunch, we toured the Moss Mansion. .   It was gorgeous.  After our tour, we went to a few stores (jalapeno fudge anyone?) and had dinner.

A completely enjoyable day.