Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Eleven Rules of Fashion

  • Blue jeans go with any color.
  • Fur went out after the ice age. Why would you even WANT to wear fur when you could buy a machine washable, water resistant, warm ski jacket at a fraction of the cost? 
  • Ski jackets go with any outfit from the formal to the casual. 
  • If it’s uncomfortable, it is not fashionable.
  • High heels have never been and will never be in style. Ever.
  • If the primary focus of skin tight apparel is jiggling fat, the wearer is not fashionable.  The wearer may be disgusting and comical, but not fashionable. Trust me on this.
  • If I like the color, fit, and print, it is in fashion.
  • Keen sandals and lace ups, and Vasque boots are the most  trendy footwear on earth.
  • Anyone paying thousands, or even hundreds of dollars for clothes, is out of her/his cotton-picking mind.  Donate to a good cause or put the money into retirement instead. Anyone worth knowing does not care about the brand name of someone’s clothes and accessories.
  • The latest fashion among the teenage set is FUNNY when the over thirty set wears
  • I don’t care what anyone else is wearing this year, but I encourage everyone, as a public duty, to wear something.

What the Truly Fashionable are Wearing This Year


David Tingey said...

You make me laugh!

David Tingey said...
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MT Missy said...

Glad to know I'm among the stylish. ;)

Prudence said...

Clothes should definitely be worn as a public duty!!!!