Saturday, June 13, 2015


After 37 years of marriage, I am finally getting a handle on my husband’s Guy-Speak.  Here are some examples

Me:  Did you like dinner?
Him:  It was alright.
Translation:  It was not my favorite dinner, probably because it was healthy and had no meat.  I am not  complaining because I don’t want to cook.

Him:  I am doing a fun fix-it project.
Translation:  I have found a project that involves an engine. It is challenging, probably expensive, my friends can help with it, and when it is done I will have something I like to drive around.

Me:  I am so mad about what Josephine Doe said about Warblesnorts!
Him: Silence....
Translation:   I am not interested in this topic.  Josephine Doe can say anything she wants about Warblesnorts, and I am good with it.

Him:  I am going to mow the lawn.
Translation:  Would you help me mow the lawn by moving the hoses and fences around the trees, and doing the easy part with the other mower?

Him:  That four-wheeler ride was a blast!.
Translation:  That four-wheeler ride was challenging and, more important, dangerous.  I got to see cool old mines, try to bust through snow drifts, and spend time with my friends.

A person in a jeep asks us the following while we are four-wheeling:  Did you just come up that road?  How was it?
Him:  It was a little rough.
Translation:  The road has the same incline as the Empire State Building and is packed with boulders the size of a large dog.  No one in their right mind would drive on this road if they didn’t have to.

 It takes a while to get the hang of Guy-Speak, but I am proof that it can be done.

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MT Missy said...

Hahaha! Too funny. And you've only learned the dialect of Prestonese, I think there's a dialect for every man with Guy-Speak.